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Restaurant Accounting Services

Restaurant Accounting in Atlanta and Greenville

Restaurants have unique accounting and tax nuances, creating challenges for owners new to the industry. With locations in Greenville, SC and the metro Atlanta area, Helfer & Company CPAs is dedicated to helping restauranteurs achieve and maintain their long-term goals.

Serving the Accounting Needs of Restaurant Owners

New restaurant owners are faced with fluctuating minimum wage and tip rates, time sensitive inventory, and changing operating expenses --  all while trying to acquire the necessary equipment and staff for operations and building a good reputation. Without the guidance of an experienced financial professional, owners can struggle to stay afloat before their enterprises have even had the chance to succeed.

Helfer & Company CPAs has years of experience providing accounting support for restaurant owners, franchisees, and catering companies  in Atlanta, Greenville, and the neighboring communities. Dependent on your needs, we are capable of providing services that include:

Cash Flow Management and Analysis: Without insight into how much money is coming into and exiting your business, important financial decisions may be made blindly. Our cash flow management and analysis services provide business owners information on their restaurant’s income and expense patterns, allowing them to optimize their overall business strategy.

Point-of-Sale Accounting: From managing employee clock-ins to recording daily transactions, the integration of a POS system can help owners more efficiently manage day-to-day operations and streamline accounting processes. At Helfer & Company CPAs, our team ensures you have the support needed to integrate a POS system into regular operations. 

Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting: Bookkeeping and accurate reporting are critical to monitoring changes in the financial wellbeing of your business. In addition to managing these key elements, we help clients understand what these components mean and provide recommendations to meet their long-term strategy.

Pricing: As a restaurant owner, your business’ revenue is dependent on setting the right prices to cover the cost of your inventory, while remaining reasonable to your location and product. To help clients meet their revenue goals, our restaurant CPAs determine the best prices for menu items.

Profit and Loss Analysis: Unlike other businesses, restaurant owners must make a profit out of items which have a limited shelf life. Tips, loss of product, and other liabilities can quickly change the financial well-being of a restaurant. Through industry-tailored profit and loss analysis, Helfer & Company CPAs evaluates your products and business strategy to maximize profits and limit liabilities.

Budgeting and Projection: Ultimately, every business is working towards a big-picture goal. Knowing your progress towards growth objectives is critical to eventual achievement. Helfer & Company CPAs offers comprehensive business projections and support to illustrate current progress and implement changes to achieve goals.

Accounting Services for Restaurants

With years of experience serving the accounting needs of restaurant, franchise owners, and independent caterers throughout Georgia and South Carolina, Helfer & Company CPAs is committed to helping clients enhance their business’ potential and achieve growth. For more information about restaurant accounting services, contact our Greenville or metro Atlanta offices today.