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Dedicated to providing exceptional service, Helfer & Company is proud to provide innovative international business, accounting, and tax services for clients from all industries. For clients in the Metro Atlanta communities of Duluth and Norcross, our Atlanta location is easily accessible. Our Greenville CPA office is proud to serve clients from the surrounding communities of Anderson and Spartanburg. For more information about our tailored services, please contact us for a consultation.

Real Estate Accounting

Real Estate Accounting in Atlanta, Georgia

For business owners, it is important to work proactively when performing accounting and tax planning tasks. This proves to be especially true for the real estate industry. At Helfer & Company CPAs, we provide comprehensive support for landlords, property managers, or investors to help lower tax liability, your overhead costs, and to optimize profit margins.

To learn more about what we can do for you, schedule a consultation with our Atlanta real estate accountants today.

Bookkeeping and Compliance Services

Our Duluth real estate bookkeeping services aid clients in recording regular rent payments as they are paid and making bank reconciliations when necessary. With accurate and timely bookkeeping, we can also ensure that your business remains up-to-date on the latest in cash flow planning. Our firm often combines this with comprehensive tax planning services to minimize the effect of property taxes.

Helfer & Company CPAs use our experience in both real estate and accounting to ensure that your business remains complaint with all necessary local, state, and federal tax regulations.

Cash Flow Analysis and Reporting

Managing the cash flow of your business is essential to lowering the overhead costs of daily operations and increasing profitability. While spending too little can risk lowering your property’s value, over-spending can quickly diminish your liquid capital, especially if you don’t have an equitable change on the value of the property you own. At Helfer & Company CPAs, we examine all aspects of your business’ current liquid and physical assets to create strategies that make regular operations more efficient.

Our cash flow management services include the use of regular reporting and projections, especially for those businesses that own and operate several properties. We examine your business’ current cash flow trends, as well as any current supply chains, to see how they might be improved, creating the potential for sustainable growth.

Proactive Tax Planning

Tax planning is indispensable for businesses that operate within the real estate vertical. Our Duluth real estate tax professionals work with your business to create strategies that lower your liability.

Our professionals help your business understand how to claim losses to offset your company’s income. We factor in which purchases made during the year are best used as expenses or depreciable assets to suit the immediate and long term needs of your business. With our help, you can identify circumstances to offset your gains, such as:

-          Repair Costs

-          Office Costs

-          Depreciable Assets

-          Accidental Landlord

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